Kombucha & Sunday Mornings Just Go Together

Sunday Morning Kombucha With Slimming Superfoods   I love Sunday mornings, even when my dogs wake me up too early. I love my dogs beyond belief so I think of them just missing me and wanting me to be with them. I know better but those thoughts help at 5AM on Sunday mornings 🙂 I … Continue reading Kombucha & Sunday Mornings Just Go Together

Drink Yourself Slimmer Smoothie

This smoothie is a fat burning drink. No jitters, no sugar crash just great taste with healthy ingredients. *Not a smoothie for kids or anyone NOT trying to lose weight. Slimmer Summer Fruit Smoothie Ingredients 1 large ripe peach 1 large ripe banana (omit if concerned with fruit sugars) 1 cup berries of your choice … Continue reading Drink Yourself Slimmer Smoothie

Coconut Fat Balls With Hidden Veggies

I bet you are wondering if you read this right... Coconut Fat Balls With Hidden Veggies ... Yep, you read it correctly! This is a slightly modified coconut fat ball or bomb.  I've hidden over 7 servings of veggies in them with a wholefood multivitamin powder (it tastes good!) and some protein, making them a … Continue reading Coconut Fat Balls With Hidden Veggies

Natural Healing With Ashwagandha

Holistic Solutions That Work Given the uncertainty of prescription drugs and high price of health care, herbs are more relevant than ever. Instead of reaching for ibuprofen, sleeping pills or antidepressants to treat insomnia, pain, depression and other symptoms, try a more natural approach. Treating yourself with home remedies is the easiest, least invasive and … Continue reading Natural Healing With Ashwagandha