Carb Blocking Coffee Butter and Coconut Oil

Coffee Butter Coconut Oil Drink for weight loss

Coffee Butter Coconut Oil Drink

There are many “recipes” for making coffee with butter and coconut oil.  I have a simple way to do it. You need three ingredients. Yep you guessed it… Coffee, Butter and Coconut Oil!

I start with my favorite alternative immune boosting coffee, virgin coconut oil from Tropical Traditions and real Grass Fed Butter unsalted.

To start, make your coffee, add to blender with 1 teaspoon unsalted butter from grass-fed cows (yes start with 1 tsp and add to it) and 1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil. Too much butter and coconut oil can cause nausea and diarrhea for many people. Blend up till nice and frothy.

It should taste like a frothy Latte. You can add some vanilla if you like but see if you like it plain.

I drink two kinds of coffee,  a special organic coffee that cuts cravings and blocks carb absorption or Peace coffee, a local fair trade coffee company.

Using grass-fed butter is the biggest rule to follow … If you use quality ingredients and blend it up, it’s sort of like a latte!

Interested in the carb blocking coffee I drink? It’s here

2 thoughts on “Carb Blocking Coffee Butter and Coconut Oil

  1. This is one way of having an enjoyable cup of coffee and benefiting from its ingredients. I never thought to combine coconut and butter from grass fed cows, but it sounds like a delicious change from typical coffee texture (and flavor!)

    • Doctor Jonathan, thanks for reading. I thought it was really odd at first then realized that cream makes butter 🙂 Funny how I didn’t make that connect for a while. I’ve always added coconut oil to my hot green tea and now it goes in my coffee as well.

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