Kombucha & Sunday Mornings Just Go Together

Sunday Morning Kombucha With Slimming Superfoods   I love Sunday mornings, even when my dogs wake me up too early. I love my dogs beyond belief so I think of them just missing me and wanting me to be with them. I know better but those thoughts help at 5AM on Sunday mornings 🙂 I … Continue reading Kombucha & Sunday Mornings Just Go Together

Drink Yourself Slimmer Smoothie

This smoothie is a fat burning drink. No jitters, no sugar crash just great taste with healthy ingredients. *Not a smoothie for kids or anyone NOT trying to lose weight. Slimmer Summer Fruit Smoothie Ingredients 1 large ripe peach 1 large ripe banana (omit if concerned with fruit sugars) 1 cup berries of your choice … Continue reading Drink Yourself Slimmer Smoothie